Tips for Work Stress Management

Tips for Work Stress Management


Stress is a result of unusual demands made on you. You respond to those demands and that response is stress – good or bad.

Stress management tips provide ideas of how you can respond appropriately to demands. Some stress management tips tell how to avoid the unusual demands. They are proactive in nature. Other stress management tips tell how to respond properly to demands that have already been made. They are reactive in nature.

Proactive Stress Management Tips

The following proactive stress management tips will help you avoid many of the unusual demands you may be trying to handle in the workplace. Most of these stress management tips are related to time management. If followed, they may provide more than enough time to handle any demands that come your way.

  1. Stop wasting time on the following: socializing with colleagues; personal phone calls; personal e-mail; surfing the Internet for personal reasons; computer games; procrastination; daydreaming; and primping.
  2. Write out your priorities. List everything you are responsible to do on a regular basis and assign a letter to indicate priority: A, B, C with A as highest priority, C lowest priority.
  3. Invest eighty percent of your time in A and B priority items.
  4. Schedule specific time(s) when you will open and respond to e-mail. Do not look at e-mail during other times of the day.
  5. Schedule specific time(s) when you will receive and return phone calls. Let the answering service take calls at other times.
  6. Complete one task before moving to another.
  7. Tie up loose ends. Treat every day as though it is the day before vacation and get things done before going home.

Stress Management Tips Put You in Control

Use of these stress management tips will put you in control of more of your day. You will accomplish more. Demands that once seemed unusual and stressful will be taken in stride.

Stress Management Tips Make You More Valuable

As you consistently use these stress management tips, your value to your employer will increase. You will be more reliable. You will be more responsible. You will be more productive.

Stress Management Tips Make You Healthier

There is no denying that bad stress (distress) affects health negatively. Such stress is debilitating. It can lead to any number of physical complaints. By incorporating the stress management tips above into your life, however, you can actually increase your health.


If you are serious about reducing stress, try the stress management tips given here. You have nothing to lose.

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