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TA is a simple, practical and comprehensive theory of human personality and human relationship, constructed mainly by Dr. Eric Berne. T A has been effectively used in the field of Counselling, Psychotherapy, Organizational Development, Inter-personal Relation, Managerial Effectiveness, Personality Growth and Development. TA provides a technology for personal growth and social change, team building and motivation, clear think, inner freedom, implementation of decision, etc. It encourages healthy relationships and healing of soured relationship at home, work and in wider society. It also offers guidelines on how to respect feeling and develop as an integrated dynamic person. It is rightly said: “It does not matter, what you say. What matters is how you say.” Whenever we communicate with others, it may have any of the three consequences: It may bring us closer to others; it may start an argument; it may lead to avoidance or withdrawal.


  • Help participants understand different ego states and its importance in day to day communication with others.
  • Can use strategies for using ego states for complementary and cross transactions by choice will be discussed along with simulated role-plays and role reversals.
  • Importance of understanding and analysing Transactions
  • Understanding Complimentary. Crossed, & Ulterior Transactions
  • Learns to give Strokes


  • Introduction to Transactional Analysis
  • Ego States – Parent, Adult and Child
  • Implications for effective communication.
  • Different kinds of Strokes
  • Psychological Games people Play
  • Explore your ego states
  • 4 Life Positions

 Who should attend:

 The programme is ideally suited for Front line supervisors, Office staff, and Workers.

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January 14 2016


Start: January 14, 2016
End: January 15, 2016
Cost: Rs.9000
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Mumbai, Maharashtra India

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