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This course will help you plan, execute, assess and review performance by adopting a proactive approach to performance. It will equip you with a workable set of tools and a framework for managing performance that can be
implemented for any individual, team or within an organizational environment. If you ever have to manage and
minimize the effects of poor performance, this course will dramatically increase your chances of a successful outcome.

Understand the importance and purpose of strong performance management Learn how to create and implement a robust performance management process Create a strategy based performance management framework and plan that aligns with cultural and financial business outcomes Identify key behaviors required in ongoing performance
management Learn to spot the warning signs of poor performance and take pre-emptive action Understand  motivation in the workplace and how to achieve the most from your employees Learn new ways to reward good performance, both financially and non-financially Ensure that all team members understand and commit to their goals and know how their progress will be measured Provide effective coaching with constructive feedback Effectively prepare for timely performance reviews Bell Curve- Benefits and risks and mapping performance transparently.

Have you been witness to the following comments?

  • He has touched rock bottom and now is digging to reach further down.
  • She is an absolute gem when under constant supervision and a utter failure by herself.
  • This employee should be locked up and the key thrown away.

These comments are sarcastic and painful and neither help the employee or the organization. We need to remember that Performance of an organization is linked with the performance of its employees. Performance Management of any company must assist management and employees to work in any organisation and should assist the management and staff to focus on the key issues and business objectives to ensure sustainability.
Performance Management goes beyond just setting targets and monitoring.

This workshop helps you to understand how to link organizational goals to KRAs or Strategic Objectives, Key Performance Indicators, Set Targets, and Design Initiatives and Actions.

Intensive Course Outline

  • Understanding the rationale for performance management.
  • The importance of pre-empting performance issues.
  • Dealing with poor performance.
  • Implementing a performance management process
  • Essential communication skills
  • Motivation and performance management
  • Applying performance management principles to the team
  • The manager’s role in maintaining high levels of performance
  • Turning good performers into great performers
  • Time management review

This course is designed for all managers and leaders who want a complete, practical and proven approach to the realities of performance management. It will prove invaluable for experienced managers who want to develop their
skills to a higher level and to managers who have had no formal exposure or training, in managing performance.

 Do you face employee resentment, demotivation and even worse on account of poor performance management?

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May 31 2019


Date: May 31
Time: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm
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