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Star_Logo STAR TRAINERS PANEL (STN) welcomes trainers, coaches and learning & development professionals for empanelment as Star Trainers

Star Training Network manages a number of programmes on behalf of various Strategic Partners for individuals and companies. We wish to now empanel trainers for proposed programmes across industries, sectors and disciplines.  We are looking for suitably qualified trainers and coaches who have experience of delivering training for individuals and businesses. 

At Star Training Network we believe that it is possible to build a technology enabled platform for professionals which enables collaboration and cowork.  The Star Training Network is a network of trainers and training providers dedicated to conducting individual and corporate training programs worldwide. Companies and Individuals can search for and purchase various training courses being offered on  The advantages to the members are many – collaborative business development and delivery opportunities with other members being the most important. Over a period of time the network will launch training programs and also bid for training projects with large organizations and the government.  As we are in a pre-launch stage we invite trainers and other L&D professionals to get associated. We look forward to having you on-board this unique platform being developed especially for self respecting professionals. There is no membership fee.  

You are invited to associate with Star Training Network. By associating your credentials, we can help you meet network requirements and access a rich set of benefits that can help you or your company further strengthen capabilities, better serve customers, and build connections to reach your full business potential.

STN members vary in their fields and practices. Some are new to the field, while others have years of experience. STN members get the privilege to be a part of the same community of coaches, project managers, trainers or facilitators focusing solely on development and growth of individuals and companies. Our members work in the corporates, education, international development sectors and many operate as external consultants.  It is a confluence of like minded individuals who share their expertise and skills throughout as collective wisdom. 

Our Vision and Roadmap is clear and we are now inviting professionals to be a part of our journey.

Extensive Market Coverage:  

Due to our brand presence and network of media partners your training programs will be promoted through several media. You will get in front of a targeted audience of training buyers – the general public and in company training portals.

  • Online and Direct Marketing
  • Company profile and program listings
  • Home page adverts and category adverts
  • Banners on
  • Newsletters and customized promotional emails
  • Social media packs and corporate events

High Quality:

We build long-lasting and successful relationships – with the companies using our services to buy training and the training providers we work with. From our customer service, in house team of content editors, to your results – we promise only high quality.

Knowledge And Experience Of The Industry:

Our knowledge enables us to transform visitors into customers. We do innovation for search engine optimization and visitor behaviour analysis.

Strategic Partners:

We are building strategic media partners that help us access a highly targeted audience of training buyers. We have strategic partnerships with:

  • The high end Executive Search portal.
  • The staffing portal.
  • BeingWoman.Rocks

(Please note : None of our companies/ brands has any affiliation of any type with the Star Media Group or Star TV)


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