Success is not anybody’s Monopoly

Success is not anybody’s Monopoly

You might have come across many people who always roam here and there without any work, expecting fortune to kiss them every time and everywhere. They are the one who suffers the entire life of frustration and unhappiness. But I am sure you are not one amongst them; the very simple fact that you have decided to read this article at the right time is indicative of that. You have a desire to expand your life and that desire is now turned in to a decision by reading this article. Yes, you have now taken a decision to uplift, upgrade and update yourself.  Have you ever thought why one person is happy and the other sad? Why is one person a great success and the other an absolute failure? Why one person is rich and prosperous and the other poor and miserable? Why is one person leading a happy married life and the other a ruined family? Do you want the answer? Follow me.


Now tell, what do you ultimately want in your Life? You will agree that, all of us want two things in life – SUCCESS and HAPPINESS.  And believe me, these are not a monopoly of a particular section of people. All of us are different. Everybody’s idea of success may be different. Success and happiness are possible for you also, but then you should believe in attaining them firmly. Believe in you; believe in God. People may say – GOD IS NOWHERE – but let us convert that negative statement into positive – GOD IS NOW  HERE.


What is Success?


Success is continuous achievement of worthy goals, without violating the rights of others. Success is not a destination. It is a continuous journey. It is the direction in which you are traveling. Success is easy after you believe. But first, you must believe.


You already possess the wonderful qualities required for success. Make a list of qualities that you have – you will find, you have well-polished character, faith, integrity, honesty, love, and loyalty. All you need to do is to use the qualities you have and give each quality an opportunity to grow, because the basic principle of life says, “the more you use what you have, the more you will have to use”. Success is a matter of Choice and not Chance. Your success journey starts with you.


The meaning of success may be different for different people. Success means many wonderful and positive things. For somebody, success means money, for others it may mean good health, a beautiful home, giving children all the advantages, peaceful life, winning admiration, freedom from fear-frustrations-failure, etc. Everybody on earth wants success. Nobody wants a crawling life, spending in mediocrity


Your Highway to Success


Your Highway to success is not straight;

There are Curves called Failures;

Loops called Confusions;

Speed bumps called Friends;

Red lights called Enemies;

Caution lights called Family;

But…if you have a Spare wheel called Determination;

An Engine called Perseverance,

And Insurance policy called Faith;

And a Driver called God;

You will make it to a Place called Success



Success is a journey from WISH to FULFILMENT. From Wish to Fulfillment, you have to go a long way. Simple wishing is passive and inactive. It does not have any power and cannot produce results. Wishing is different from dreaming. Wishing is just an idle pastime with no efforts behind it. But dreaming is followed by an action plan to produce results. 


You cannot get success unless you begin. The first step is to begin. We must begin if an opportunity of growth needs it. On a ten point scale, if I am at level two in any field and desire to move to five or more, I must first take the step towards level three and so on. There is a saying “A long journey starts with a single step”. You know a happy life is built one day at a time.


Success is an event that accomplishes its intended purpose. That’s a definition, but to me a very boring one. I brush my teeth every morning, which accomplishes its intended purpose. But do I feel that I have achieved success because of that? No, not really. I perceive success as something much more than that; success should engender some emotion when achieved. Achieving success should make you want to jump off your seat, rush to tell somebody what you’ve done, make you feel elated, sometimes relieved if you’ve been pursuing that success for a long time. It is a very individual perception. What is a success to one may be mundane to another. What is a minor achievement for one may be a major success to somebody else. When you think about success, you think about relative achievements in your own world. Each element of your world, in which you wish to achieve success, is important to you, and there is no need to make comparisons with others in their worlds. You cannot affect the success of others; you can affect your own success. 


Success is very much achievable for everybody. Believe that and you have taken the first step. If you do not believe in yourself, then tackling that self-esteem is your first task. However, initial belief in your ability to achieve whatever it is you want to succeed in is essential if you are not to be hampered by self-doubt throughout your journey to success.


There are many things that will affect your ability to succeed, and it is those under your immediate control that it is best to focus on. Once you do that, then the characteristics you develop can be applied to becoming successful in a range of activities and pursuits.

What is important to you is that you, as you start to reach milestones in your ambitions, you appreciate your own achievements. It is a boost, of course, if others appreciate what you have done too, but appreciating yourself will strengthen your self-belief, and reinforce your determination to succeed.


Some of the key characteristics you will find in those who are successful are perseverance, prepared to research, plan and work hard, practice a lot even when things do not seem to be going well, and an ability to recover and learn from setbacks. At the outset of whatever it is you are trying to succeed in, a strong vision of your future, planning, and setting yourself achievable targets can all play an important role.


If you feel you do not naturally have all those characteristics, then do not despair. Each of them can be accomplished by your own application. You can use meditation and visualization techniques to initiate your vision, and they can certainly be learned both for that purpose and for each step you take to reach your goals. Setting goals and objectives can be a personal or business technique that can be learned. You can develop the inner strength to succeed if you apply yourself to doing just that; that will enable you to recover from setbacks more easily.


All these attributes, skills and characteristics can be learned developed. But it is up to you to get things started. Those who do not start travel anywhere. For others, life can be a continuous journey of fulfillment.

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