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Helping & Empowering ordinary women live legendary lives through coaching, training, business, business skills, travel, luxury and lifestyle mastery.

BeingWoman.Rocks is an initiative designed to expand the horizons of women – across social and economic strata. Towards this goal we look for opportunities where we can promote any  women centric developmental agenda whether by way of training, skill upgradation, employment or even a product.

Some of the programs we are focussing on are :

  1. Customer Service Excellence
  2. Managing work-life balance
  3. Business Etiquette
  4. 5 Essential Stress Management Tips for Working Women
  5. Fighting work – place harassment
  6. Women in Leadership
  7. Social Media for Women
  8. Safety in Workplace
  9. Public Speaking, Presentation and Interpersonal Skills
  10. 10 Soft skills you need
  11. The Importance of Right Dressing and Social Etiquette



BeingWoman.Rocks !


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