Networking tips for introverts

Networking tips for introverts

By and large, when it comes to career and business advancement we are living in an extrovert’s world. This is especially true when you are looking at the more social aspects of success in the business world such as networking. Which can sometimes be a challenge for people, who are not comfortable with the big crowds and a large amount of interaction with strangers. With all of that said there are still plenty of traits common to introverts that help which sets them up for success as well and with the right preparation, an introvert will have no problem in excelling even at the social aspect of business such as networking.

If you are an introvert looking for a way to make valuable connections with the same ease as your extrovert associates. Here are few tips to take your networking to the next level.

  1. Prepare ahead of time.

Most introverts are naturally good at planning and preparation and this plays to their advantage when it comes to networking. Spend a little time ironing out the finer details such as how you will open conversations, what your lows for such conversations are and what questions you intend to ask as well a little time mentally preparing for the event and getting in the right frame of mind.

Most of the time advance preparation such as this will go on a long way to making sure that you are top of your social game when the time comes.

2. Find a buddy to go with you. 

Sticking close to a buddy that you are comfortable with is a great way to ease your nerves a little especially if they are an extrovert and you can rely on them to fill the gaps in the conversation. feed of on their energy bounce your own remarks unaware and retreat back and talk to them one on one when need to. You will likely find that this is much more comfortable and natural for you then going it alone.

3. Smile

Your smile is one of the most useful social tools you have at your disposal.It could be used to disarm people and put them at ease in a matter of seconds giving them a positive impression of you before you even say a word. introverts are often guilty of making use of their smile and eye contact as much as extroverts however with little focus a warm welcoming smile is a trade which is incredibly easy to adapt.

4. Set goals.

Before you ever arrive at a networking event you should set goals for who you want to meet and what you want to accomplish through those interactions. If you keep those goals at the front of your mind and treat networking as a task necessary to accomplish those goals it will strengthen your result and help you push back any shyness that may otherwise hold you back.

5. Think of yourself as being welcome. 

Remember everyone at the networking event are there for the same reason as you are and is slight that many of them are uncomfortable as you are and nervous as well. with that in mind think of that how incredibly grateful they are if you are the one that walks up to them and starts the conversation. Introverts have a tendency to think that others will do them negatively if they are overly social, however, nothing is further from the truth especially at a networking event.

6. Stay in the moment.

Once you manage to stick up a conversation it’s important to be present in the conversation rather than strategizing about the next person you probably plan to approach. keep your focus in the moment and on the conversation at hand. Ask questions and do listen to what they have to say. If you stay focused on one conversation at a time the person you are talking about likely notice it and appreciate your intentions and interest.

7. Pick the right event.

Some events are going to be more comfortable for introverts then others. For example, if you are introvert you will likely find striking up a conversation a lot easier at a small relaxed event then an extravagant one with five hundred people as attendees. WWhy you should certainly go to every event that you can and practice getting better at networking and events that are outsideyour comfort zone. Its also imporatnt to focus on those events as you will have the greatest chance of being at your best and use those events to your advantage

” If a person advances confidently in the direction of their dreams, 

they will experience a success unknown in common times. ” 

-Henry Thoreau

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