Exaggeration – the new normal ? The devil is in the detail !

Exaggeration – the new normal ? The devil is in the detail !



Being an HR to the core, recruitment and attrition nos. excite me much ! So when I saw the news report of Axis Bank letting go 15,000 employees and then planning to hire 30,000, the nos. have got stuck with me ! A holiday is a good time to ponder and juggle nos. so couldn’t help taking a hard look at the nos. so carelessly thrown by Axis Bank.

For hiring 15,000 employees per year, Axis Bank will have to interview a minimum of 60000 candidates, going by the common HR thumbrule of 1:4 – For each select on an average 4 candidates get interviewed. The Bank had 72000 employees as of March 31, 2019 and going by the news reports, it lost 15000 employees to attrition since than, leaving perhaps 57000 employees. The standard HR to Employees ratio is 2 per 1000 hence for 60,000 employees it can safely be assumed that Axis Bank has 120 HR full time employees. If each interview were to last just 20 minutes, for 60,000 interviews a total of 12 lakh minutes or 20,000 hours would be required. Considering that each workday is 8 hrs. – 2500 days would be required for interviews. But we have 120 HRs to share the load of interviewing – so may be in 20 days of non stop interviews they will get the 15000 nos in an year. The entire premise is based on the presumption that the Axis Bank will be able to generate 60000 applications for the various open positions ! Falsehood shows – anyway you look at it and this is falsehood with inaptitude !

I am tempted to ask myself and so would a reader of this article be also, how does the Axis Bank hiring nos. matter to me ? My answer to myself and those who care to ask, is straight and simple – IT MATTERS !

  • It matters that institutions don’t indulge in reckless and irresponsible actions and then indulge in cover ups and pure lies.
  • It matters that employees and people are given the respect they deserve. Employees and people are not numbers to be peddled around for optics.
  • It matters that the press and journalists apply their mind and not publish any trash which is dished out to them.

Institutions and that too large banks are pillars of society and the economy…the standards set by them for themselves are the standards for emulation by the entire industry. They are custodians of trust of millions so….in the land of “Satyameva Jayate” may the truth prevail…



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