ZOOM ROUNDTABLE – RE-Imagining Employment – India PostCovid19, Wed, April 8, 2020 – 4 pm to 5 pm

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Corporate Galaxy in association with RE-Imagine ! and Star Training Network

presents a  ZOOM RoundTable

RE – Imagining Employment – PostCovid19 – Generating, Incentivising, Retaining Jobs & Employments” 

 Wed. April 8, 2020 : 4 PM to 5 PM

“The covid-19 epidemic comes at a difficult demographic time for India and would only exacerbate a looming jobs crisis. India needs to create nearly 10 million jobs every year to absorb people moving into the working-age population, besides those that are already unemployed.
The Adecco Group India, a staffing company, has mapped the impact of covid-19 spread across employment in some Indian industries. It said about nine million jobs can be reduced across the manufacturing clusters of textiles, capital goods, cement, food products, metals, plastics, rubber and electronics. Manpower cuts in the automotive industry started last quarter owing to falling sales.
The coronavirus situation will only exacerbate unemployment. Adecco estimated that the automobile industry can lose up to a million jobs in the dealer ecosystem, front-line roles, and the semi-skilled. Around 600,000 ground and support roles on contract in the aviation industry are at risk.” 

The above excerpt from The Mint of 31st March 2020 paints a very grim picture for employment in India. A sluggish economy worsened by the effects of COVID19 appears to be ready to pull the country back by several years.

We invite you to join the discussion on the challenges to the economy and jobs as we prepare to fight the tide…

  • While the businesses and institutions are getting impacted by the COVID19 induced lockdowns, how they can sustain employments in an already weak business cycle ?
  • How the companies can take up social responsibility through employment generation – charity begins at home..
  • Is cutting employee costs a worthwhile quick fix or a road to the end ?
  • Is the COVID19 leading us to a better way to RE – Imagine India ?

It’s the time to RE-Imagine !

Corporate Galaxy invites you to its ZOOM Roundtable – Let’s figure it out together


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