Team Building and Management at Workplace, MUMBAI

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Team Building and Management at Workplace, MUMBAI

One plus one equals to two, but with real team-work it can equal eleven. One of the fundamental realities of personal and professional life is that people have to work in teams. Managerial as well as Personal effectiveness is largely determined by his/her ability to work in teams. This programme is designed to motivate participants to experience and understand their potential capacity to become better team players as well as team leaders; to facilitate understanding of various aspects of teamwork and its linkages with individual and organizational objectives; to understand the importance of self, to resolve conflicts in teams as well as overcoming the barriers of communication. It is important to believe that



  • To explore the nature and role of teams in the organization.
  • To understand the various factors which determine effectiveness of teams.
  • To imbibe qualities of an effective team member.
  • To develop synergistic approach in tasks.
  • To promote a positive climate where each team member experiences growth, both as a team member as well as, as an individual.


  •  Qualities of effective Teams,
  • Why Team Fails
  • Role of a Team Leader
  • Ways to make People Like You
  • Team Conflict Resolution
  • Team Communication
  • Stages in Team Building and Types of Team players
  • Building, maintaining & managing team relationships

Who should attend:

The course is designed for all team persons, executives and supervisors who are team players, team builders and team managers.

January 11 2016


Start: January 11, 2016
End: January 12, 2016
Cost: Rs.11500
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Mumbai, Maharashtra India

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