RE-Imagine India – Official launch

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RE-Imagine India – Official launch

Dear Fellow Indians,

Hope all are well and staying safe in this period of uncertainties.

What is India ?

India – Bharat – A beautiful set of people in a bountiful land, trapped in a conundrum of prosperity and poverty, dharma and adharma, sun and sands, learning and illiteracy, science and superstition, sense and nonsense seeped into a legacy of religion, tradition and culture.

As we are suddenly confronted with challenging times and stories of despair and doom, the story of India and her resilience is a source of inspiration for surviving and overcoming whatever adversity nature or man throws at her.

RE-Imagine India is a collective of well meaning 100% patriotic and proud Indians to set the narrative for a re-imagined India in an endeavour to empower and enrich the new generation of Indians for an India for them !

RE-Imagine India is proud to announce that it will be hosting an open for all session which will focus on reviewing its campaign of empowering India and on laying the foundation for its future campaigning efforts.

The occasion will be graced by the presence of Mr. Prahlad Kakkar who is also known as “Ad Guru”

Mr. Prahlad Kakkar is one of the few Indian Directors to have directed international commercials for clients like Uni Levers and Pepsico. He has also helped create campaigns like :-

“Yehi Hai Right Choice Baby! Aha!” Pepsi,
“The Zing Thing” Gold Spot,
“2 minutes!” Noodles Ad for Maggi, “Ting Ting Ti Ting” Britannia
“Zor ka Jhatka” for Limca
“It’s different” for Maggi

Also present in the session will be the Executive Director of the RE-Imagine India, Mr Anuj Nath Galgotia who is also the CEO of Corporate Galaxy Human Capital which is an executive search and staffing firm focused on providing end to end human capital solutions to corporates who realise the value of Human Resources in businesss. He has 25 years of work experience in corporate HR leadership positions extending across Housing Finance, Real Estate, Retail and Construction sectors with companies such as HUDCO Ltd, Reliance and Larsen & Toubro.

We, at RE-Imagine India invite you to grace the event with your presence and thereby lend a helping hand in Empowering India.