Relationship and Parenting

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Relationship and Parenting

A house becomes a home when a woman deems it so. Or else, it is just a place where a man goes to eat and sleep that too not in peace. Possessing an advantage over men, women are more intelligent, more committed, more sincere and dedicated and are result oriented. They are natural net workers and relationship builders. A woman is the backbone of society. A conducive and harmonious environment at the family level would help in the growth and development of all its members and the flourishing of society. Life is all about relationships. Whatever we are and whatever we do is all for the relationships. Relations keep us alive. When we talk of relations, they are not necessarily between husband and wife only; but could be between parents and children, between siblings, between relatives, and so on and so forth. How a woman can develop qualities to make her family life beautiful and joyous is what.


  • To understand the fundamentals of relationship management;
  • To understand various emotions and their influences;
  • To promote a positive climate in the family and in the society.
  • Nurture the nature of children


  • Relationship and Emotion Management
  • Positive Strokes to Children
  • Emotion Management
  • Communication Styles that Work
  • Effective Parenting
  • How to help children during exam time?
  • Financial Management

Who should attend?

Parents, To be parents.

January 03 2016


Date: January 3, 2016
Cost: Rs.4000
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