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Exaggeration – the new normal ? The devil is in the detail !

    Being an HR to the core, recruitment and attrition nos. excite me much ! So when I saw the news report of Axis Bank letting go 15,000 employees and then planning to hire 30,000, the nos. have got stuck with me ! A holiday is a good time to ponder and juggle nos. […]

How to be a Confident & Assertive Woman.

How to be a Confident & Assertive Woman.

Have you always aspired to become the powerful and confident woman. Here are a few tips that can help you create a persona of confidence and assertiveness without coming across as arrogant or rude. Women generally play down their confidence in the workplace just to fit in and make friends. But if you’re serious about […]

HR in an age of Austerity

Debbie Meech, HR Director, Cable & Wireless and Graham White, HR Director, Westminster City Council discuss some of the issues facing HR personnel in a difficult financial climate. Interesting observations about Human Resources functions on generating positive sentiments about organizations during times of downturn and job cuts.