Building Talent



The “Building Talent” Series is an initiative of in association with the offering a learning partnership between industry, corporate and the academia.

As part of this initiative, brings together industry experts and corporate leaders in “One on One” and roundtable conversations which are designed to draw from the guests’ professional experience and insights. The conversations are video recorded and featured on the Youtube channel.

Such conversations are a powerful medium to capture the current trends and corporate learnings for the benefit of the entire business community and not just the students of management. For the experts the conversations serve as their intense video profiles. The design of the interaction is the key aspect of the series. The focus is on presenting the expert and his views on his profession, his experience, and reflections. The style is conversational and friendly.

Our guests enjoy the opportunity to share their insights with a larger audience and see themselves in a new light. The personal interactions go a long way towards attracting new and diverse talent to the industry. In addition, for students of management, these sessions put the textbook solutions in perspective.

The participation in sessions is by invitation through a careful matching process.

How to sign up

If you are interested in participating in a “Building Talent” session as a guest or a host and contribute to the body of knowledge of your profession or industry, please fill up the form below to sign up.

For more information, WhatsApp @ 9773772000


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