About us

Think trainings are boring? Think again…

We consult, inspire and deliver learning and people development programmes that truly make a difference.

Star Training Network is a showcase of Trainings & Seminars dedicated to individual and corporates worldwide. Companies and  Individuals can search for and purchase various training courses being offered on the site. The aim of this platform is to help individuals and corporates find quality training programs. Star Training Network is committed to help businesses and individuals by matching their training needs to the training programs. This platform is well structured and is an excellent resource for individuals, executives, HR managers and all professionals who are in need of improving themselves and their team professionally.

Why Companies Chose Star Training Network-

  • Our Training Consultant Team work with Training Providers in tailoring a training seminar to suit your business or project.
  • A new training program could be designed to help solve problems associated with productivity or others.
  • Cutting down on the training budget and saving money. We negotiate a better deal based on the good working relationship with training providers and at the same time providing quality trainers.
  • We have good working relationship with training providers, and are well placed to deliver quality-training programs to individuals and Organizations at competitive prices.
  • We work closely with our training providers to guarantee a seamless training experience, ensuring the programs, certifications, training environment and course materials are provided as advertised.
  • We go to any length to make sure our clients get the desired training at competitive budgets; whilst also ensuring we meet your defined training goals.
  • Streamlining the work for their Human Resource and Training Unit. We source for all the training courses for your employees, therefore removing the burden from the HR and Training department.