CxO Roundtable – Agenda – India Inc 2019 – 24 – Renew / Reset or Revisit ?

August 03 2019
The Trident, Nariman Point, Mumbai
Nariman Point,
Mumbai, Maharashtra 400021 India
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7 Smart Ways to Deal with Toxic People

 Don’t let toxic people rent space in your head. Raise the rent and get them out of there.   WRITTEN by MARC CHERNOFF Surviving the ups, downs, and lightning storms of other people’s moodiness can be quite a challenge.  It’s important, though, to remember that some moody, negative people may be going through a difficult stage in […]

10 Choices You Will Regret in 10 Years

“If only…”  These two words paired together create one of the saddest phrases in the English language. Here are ten choices that ultimately lead to this phrase of regret, and how to elude them: Wearing a mask to impress others. – If the face you always show the world is a mask, someday there will be […]

Time Management For Professionals

There is no painless way in perfecting period management. Although the aim of managing instant may dependable rich, numerous fill is console find it serious to ensue. If you are one of those group who encounters it corneous to play example management, then here are few tips that you can travel. 1. See the BIGGER […]

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